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Cycling is our passion.  We've been riding and racing long before ever deciding to pick up  law books.  There is something special about being on the bike, whether it is hammering on the local group ride or just spinning solo or with friends.  There can be no misunderstanding, we are serious about practicing law and the commitment it entails.  However, the feeling that accompanies a strong ride, whether in a race, group ride or just a good solo effort is pure elation.

Many of us are fathers, mothers, employees, students, etc. and live a hectic and very full life. When we find the time to get on the bike, suddenly we're able to think clearly and put the little things that bother us into perspective.  Other times we're not able to think at all, only concentrate on not losing the wheel in front of us in a race.  But whether you're racing or training, when you get off the bike you're feeling good about yourself.  Simply put, cycling is our lifestyle.

Why is this important when choosing an attorney to represent you for a personal injury claim?  In our professional opinion, an injured victim is always better off having an empathetic attorney for representation.  Lawyers who ride and understand the passion of cycling can not be found in the vast majority of law offices.

More often than not, the largest part of any settlement or judgment that accompanies a personal injury claim is the award for the injured victim's pain and suffering, sometimes referred to as “general damages.”  Pain and suffering damages are independent of reimbursement for medical bills or lost wages.  They are intangible.  These damages compensate a victim for everything he or she has been through because of the accident that caused them injury.  Unlike medical bills or lost wages, there is no exact number which comprises pain and suffering.  It is your attorney's job to show how much you should be compensated for your pain and suffering.

The more effective your attorney can articulate what you went through and may continue to go through because of your injuries, the more you will be compensated for your pain and suffering.  That is why having an attorney who is passionate about what you are passionate about can change the value of your claim tremendously.

We've represented cyclists ranging from those who were just been banged up a little for a couple months to cyclists who will never ride their bikes again.  There are a lot of attorneys willing and able to help an injured cyclist recover.  However, there are very few who will understand and be able to articulate your loss better than we will.

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